Case Study: Paver Patio, Pondless Waterfall, Retaining Wall & Fire Pit Installation Project in Ringwood, NJ

The Challenges…

Our backyard transformation project in Ringwood, NJ faced two very big obstacles. Our homeowners wanted an exciting entertainment area with a pondless waterfall, a fire pit and a retaining wall for more space. Upon our first arrival to the property, the first obstacle we quickly discovered was their steep, winding driveway. We knew maneuvering our trucks and machinery up and down the driveway was going to take strong, strategic planning. And, their rear yard was not large enough for our tucks and equipment to comfortably utilize making it more challenging. We did not want these small and unique space limitations to extend the length of the project completion time and had to construct a strategic plan between our landscape professionals and our outdoor living space contractors.

The second major obstacle was discovered during the process of our project. As we were excavating for the installation of the homeowners’ pondless waterfall, we encountered a rock that needed to be removed by jackhammer to get to the proper depth that their water feature required. Ringwood, NJ is well known for their, inconveniently located, rocks especially when excavating so we were not surprised this occurred during our water feature installation project but it did create an obstacle for us.

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In any project we take on, quality and efficiency is our priority. We wanted to complete our homeowner’s dream backyard with top quality work and in a timely manner. With this, we made it a high priority to generate a plan that would overcome these obstacles as smoothly as possible without delaying the project’s timeline. By creating organized plans prior to each water featurelandscape design and fire feature installation project, we were able to successfully navigate all equipment and trucks up the driveway and around the property. Our clear communication and efficient planning by our professional outdoor living space contractors and landscape installers, we overcame our tight-space obstacle without any complications. Strategy and communication is always a strong influence in any landscape project and can prevent many unwanted obstacles from potentially occurring.

We were able to also overcome our second obstacle, the large rock beneath the ground, with our jackhammer. Once the rock was fully removed, we were able to continue on with our project and no further obstacles appeared. But to complete the project and exceed our homeowners’ expectations, some of our landscape design services were added to the project such as implementing plantings around the entertainment area, applying mulch and laying sod. The homeowners were extremely satisfied with how well the landscape design complimented the rest of their new, upgraded backyard. Adding landscape design services to any hardscape project is always highly recommended as it seamlessly ties all aspects of the landscape together.

This incredible Ringwood, NJ outdoor living space project was completed over a 4 week period. Our clients were exceptionally pleased with the end results of an outdoor living space with a pondless waterfall, retaining wall, landscape design installations and a custom fire pit; a complete backyard upgrade!

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