Case Study: Swimming Pool, Retaining Wall & Paver Patio Installation Project in Monroe, NY

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Our client in Monroe, NY had a large backyard project that we were particularly excited about. The homeowner wanted an inground pool with surrounding landscape design work in their backyard. But, the dynamics of their backyard created some large obstacles for our landscape contractors. The rear yard had a steep slope heading downward towards the house and a deck stood in the way where the pool was going to be installed. Although we have the proper equipment to overcome these obstacles, we did not want to extend the length of the project time.

We have the experience, skill and heavy duty equipment to removed almost any deck and slope but our main concern for this backyard project was how quickly we could complete the project.  Aside from the deck and slope removal, we were also held to a tighter schedule because the project began at the end of the warm season and after the pool was installed, it was already late into the fall. Towards the end of the first half of the project, the weather was very rainy and the frigid winter was rolling into New York. Because of this, the landscape installation portion of the project had to be completed the following spring.

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Our team of professional landscape contractors and certified outdoor living space installers has the knowledge, skill and experience to work around such obstacles. We began by removing the deck and leveling out the area where the pool was to be placed. We then evened out the steep slope and created a retaining wall to hold the rest of the slope back. Once the homeowners saw the beautiful boulder retaining wall, they decided to implement stone steps into it so that they could expand their entertainment and lounging area. Having these steps also makes it possible for the homeowners to one day add a pavilion or patio to the upper area of the leveled off slope.

During the swimming pool installation, the wet weather conditions interfered with our daily progress. We were able to alleviate this obstacle by adding proper drainage routes for the excess water underground. We then added a paver patio around the pool for more entertainment space and for a safe walking area. Soon after the paver patio installation, we had to make the professional decision to complete our Monroe, NY backyard transformation project to the following spring as the wintry weather conditions became too difficult to work under.

Once spring arrived and all of the patio and retaining wall work was completed, we were able to move onward with our landscaping services. Topsoil and mulch was added to the appropriate areas and rustic pea gravel pathways were created. Lastly, our project ended with the final task of adding hydroseed to the yard for optimal lawn health and vitality.

Apart from the winter interruption, the total project time was approximately 8-10 weeks. The overall project resulted in a usable and entertaining rear yard and the homeowner intends to add plantings, landscape lighting and a pavilion to the upper area with the opportunity arrives. This project came with large obstacles upfront and many weather-related interruptions but through our strategic planning, professional experience and full dedication we were able to complete this project in a timely manner with an outstanding landscape transformation as a result.

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